On April 23, 2016 I married my wife, Kelly.  Planning our wedding was an incredible collaborative process for us.  We wanted to create pieces that were truly specific to who we are, our visual aesthetic, and the destination of where we were getting married.  Once we had the concept of what we wanted to make, we combined forces to create the perfect item.  In a little over nine months of preparation, we created Save-The-Dates, an original map-inspired invitation, RSVP postcard, custom envelopes, wedding ceremony programs, the ultimate wedding backdrop, unique wedding favors, and original signage.  Below is a summary of how all of our visions came to life!

Photographs by Aria Studios



Using a photograph we took on a previous vacation as the main image, I created verbiage to fit within the natural frame of the photograph and the back of the postcard. Printed at Moo.com



On our most previous trip to Hawaii, we ended up having a four hour layover going from Maui to Oahu.  I grabbed a free map from Hawaiian Airlines and did a quick script of our saying "Infinite Adventuring".  This map would later became the design inspiration for our wedding invitation.  My wife had recently been to a destination wedding in Costa Rica and the couple getting married had an app that was super informative of where to go, what to eat, and events throughout the weekend.  In taking the same approach of making sure our guests were well informed of all that Maui had to offer and the weekend events, we created a map invitation!  Kelly found a vintage map of Maui online, wiped it clean of information and then placed every point on the map with our favorite places/things.  This process took several days.  From there, we tried to fill the rest of the map with information for our guests.  It took us several weeks to complete the design, but we ultimately created a unique idea that neither of us had ever seen before!



To complete the invitation, we also included a similar-themed RSVP postcard and envelope.  We wanted to make sure the envelope would allow enough space for me to hand-write all names and addresses.  Adding a little bit of the floral design and my script of "Please deliver to" was the perfect accent to the envelope. Printed at VistaPrint.com.



In continuing with our theme, we created our origami-inspired wedding program.  My wife is Japanese and as a tradition, they fold 1,001 cranes for special occasions.  The origami fold we used is inspired by the first few steps of folding a crane! 


When Kelly and I were dreaming of what our wedding would look like, we always imagined having our art apart of the ceremony.  We knew that we wanted a backdrop that was specific to us.  What first started as a sketch, quickly became a project for my future father-in-law and I.  Over the next three months, we created the backdrop together.  My father-in-law, Craig Masumiya, is the master craftsman.  He built the frame.  I painted the canvas.  I flew to Colorado where he lives and we worked on it together.  It was a true labor of love.  I will forever value the time we spent together.  Here's a few images of the process and final product!



Final touches to the wedding included an "Aloha" tote, three postcards featuring Kelly's images from previous trips to Maui, and two handmade pins.  Kelly and I recently got a button-maker, and we loved the way our two designs turned out! We topped it off with a bag of macadamia nuts and Kelly's mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies.   



A look at other hand-drawn details I did for our ceremony and reception! (Photographs by Aria Studios)


Thank you for stopping by!  Love can truly be shown in the details of your special day.  It does not go unnoticed.  Please feel free to contact me if anything we created inspired you and you would like to have us create something for you!!  - G